The M. Family- Lake Bluff Family Photographer
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Sunday, November 05, 2017
By Stephanie Kelley Photography
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This family was new to town and needed a photographer!  How lucky am I that one of my clients is also a top relator in the area, and when she helped this family find their home, she also led them to me!  Word of mouth and recommendations is the BEST way for me to find new clients.  I WANT to shoot your circle of friends. Thank you so much for always sharing your SKP experience and images with your friends and family!

Anyway, we shot in their new home town- Lake Bluff.  One of my favorite little spots to shoot in, because of how cute the downtown area is.  I also love shooting places that are meaningful to YOU.  Where are the places that your family likes to venture out to? What places help make up your story?  Let's shoot at them!   

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