Steph -

Thank you so much for these! We both LOVE the images - so many great shots of the kids - and they so capture who they are at this age, makes me SO happy. The fact that we have a great time taking the pictures with you is icing on the cake. Brian and I both left the shoot - and said - we should be friends with her!

So thank you for being awesome and capturing my family these past few years - we appreciate you.







The images are INCREDIBLE!!! We LOVE them!! Beautiful scenery, and you are a magician to get such amazing smiles and little faces to cooperate. I think these are my favorite ever! Thank you, thank you!!






Hi Steph,

Thanks so much for the great collection of photos.  We love them, especially the portraits of the kids.  You really captured their spirit and their personalities.  

The photos were exactly what we had in mind: the mood, the coloring.  Wonderful.

We also appreciate how quickly you were able to edit the photos and send them to us.
Warmest regards,
E. Family
Ohhhhhhh Steph! 
I cannot begin to tell you what these pictures mean to me. You have such an incredible way of capturing the twinkle in my boys' eyes. We feel unbelievably blessed to have had you be a part of so many special moments in our family's life. XO
Thank you for these wonderful pictures!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are amazing, the pictures are amazing. You captured my family in such a way that fills my heart with so much love and happiness. There are no words to express my gratitude.

Thank you,






I can't stop looking at them!  I oohh'd and ahhhh'd over all of them, practically drooling on my keyboard.  Joe smiled ear to ear as he looked through them, so obviously touched by the amazing moments you captured of our family that we just love so much.  We both exclaimed what a task we have at hand to choose which ones we'll be printing.  
Thank you again for giving us this gift!  It couldn't mean more!!!  

Love and hugs,







I have this problem where I think these things about people and never tell them. So I just wanted to tell you how much I respect your work and really appreciate your skill on top of being one of the easiest people to work with 







Thank you again for the FUN session and the beautiful picture you posted. You are beyond talented and I realize how much work is done prior to and all the editing done after a session. You are amazing and we feel spoiled to have you photograph our family!!!