Well hello! So nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Steph!

I'm a wife, mother, animal lover, and passionate photographer living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I have three boys, Carter, Owen and Emmett, and we are also a waiting family to adopt a baby girl!

I have been in business since 2012 and I absolutely love it! While I have explored all types of photography, including using a studio and artificial light, my heart is in family lifestyle photography.  If you adore your family and moments with your family as much as I do, and you feel as though time is passing you by faster than you would like, then you'll appreciate the type of work I do and the kind of images I create.  My goal as a photographer is to capture the raw, natural, unforced moments-- those faces you see every day, as you see them, so that you can have those images to cherish forever.

When you book a session with SKP, you won't get pictures of everyone looking at the camera. 

You won't get pictures of everyone always smiling.
You won't get pictures of everyone perfectly posed.

What you will get when you book a session with SKP are images of raw, pure, natural moments. I'll capture the connection and love between everyone in your family, not the connection between subject and camera.

You will get images of belly laughs and squeals of glee.
You will get smiles and smirks and also straight faces.
You will get tender moments and you will get playful moments.

I want to freeze in time what your life looked like today no matter what stage of life you are in.

When you book a session with SKP, most of all, you will get images which create an emotional response for you-- isn't that what you want? 

I can't wait to work with you!