The L. Family- North Shore Maternity Photographer
Sunday, July 26, 2015
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So not to play favorites, but to play favorites...I think this is my favorite family to photograph.  And I think it's because they make my job soooo easy.  They literally "pose" themselves.  They treat the shoot as a playdate with their kids and not only do I then have such an simple time capuring their gleeful smiles, but the absolute joy and love they have for one another just gushes in every shot.  This was a maternity shoot, because Baby #3 is due to arrive any day now and I know two super sweet kiddos who can't wait to have a new baby join their family.  

With this family, I always have the hardest time choosing which shots to edit after my shoots with them, because in my mind I would have every.single.shot on my walls!  This particular shoot, I invited my husband, Wes, to come along as a second shooter and we turned the night into a date night. Love that my hubby finally got to meet this family and I loved our time together.  Now hurry up and get here Baby #3, because the world can't wait to meet you! xoxoxox

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