The L. Family- Lake Bluff IL Beach Photgrapher
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Sunday, October 08, 2017
By Stephanie Kelley Photography
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Every year is so much fun with this family!  For this year's family shoot, we decided to start at their home in Lake Bluff, so that I could capture some images with their dog. Chiefy, was a big part of their family and part of our first shoot together as they waited for their first-born.  As a family pet ages, I feel it is more and more important to include them in shoots.  Sadly, not long after our shoot, the family had to say their final good-byes to Chiefy.

After shooting at their home, we walked to the bluff, where Jake not only proposed to Annie, but where we also did their maternity shoot with their first born.  This place holds special meaning to this family and any place that holds a special meaning to a family is always a great backdrop/location for a family shoot.  Make your images mean that much more! 

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