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Monday, July 13, 2015
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I was so excited to meet this new family!  Mom and I had been communicating over email and text messages and she is just the sweetest woman!  This family was a referral from one of my clients and the two families happen to be neighbors.  I love when I can earn the privilege of shooting friends/neighbors/family--- there is no greater compliment than a referral! 

Anyway, we decided to shoot at a location that offers the beach look as well as the natural/overgrown grassy look.  I love shooting at this particular spot because you can get two totally different looks in one shoot.  Baby boy was not the happiest about having his picture taken right around bed time, but you would never have known it from these pictures! And Little Miss Personality? LOVE HER! 



When our light really started to run out down at the water, we moved up onto the bluff to shoot in the grasses and soak up every last bit of light.  These shots of Big Sis reading to her baby brother are just darling.  I love they way she wraps her arms around him! <3

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