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Saturday, July 25, 2015
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I met this mama at a shoe cutting party for SOLE HOPE.  If you haven't heard of the organization, check it out and host a shoe cutting party in your own home. Such a fun little get together and great and easy way to help others.

Anyway, soon after we met, Mom contacted me for a shoot.  I was super excited to be able to do this for her and meet her little ones. The day of the shoot was one of many in a row where we were hammered by storms.  I hate cancelling shoots so I left it up to this mama to decide and she decided we should go for it.  I am so happy that we did because while it was a bit wet and muddy at our location, the sky was beautiful and the temperature was perfect.  

As many kids are, I am not sure they were super excited to have their pictures taken at first, but they warmed up to the idea and we had fun!  I love each of their very different personalities and the older two are so sweet with their little sister.  I had a great time with these guys and hope to get to shoot them again in the future! Enjoy some shots from their session.... <3 Steph

The firstborn.  Super bright and gorgeous. She needs to be a model.

The middle one. The boy. The silly and wild one, who reminds me exactly of my three boys... so much character bundled up in one little guy! 

Daddy and his boy. I am sure plenty of tickling and wrestling happens at home between these two!

The baby.  Man is she sweet. And a little shy and so full of love and her smiles are infectious.  I think I snapped double the amount of pictures of her than anyone else, because she is a little ham!

Sisters <3 No better relationship. I have 3 sisters myself.

Daddy and his baby girl <3 

Of course, there were the full family shots as well...

At the end of our shoot, the kids kicked off their shoes and trotted through the puddles in the parking lot.  I love that kids can be so carefree! 

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