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Saturday, September 05, 2015
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This is another friend from high school!  How lucky am I to reconnect with old friends through my photography? I LOVE my job! Have I said that before? Well I do! ;-)  These little guys are the sweetest and how absolutely adorable are they in their glasses? I can't even handle the cuteness!  They weren't necessarily excited about having their pictures taken, but my gross potty talk got some good laughs and smiles out of them! Oh the things a photographer will say and do to get the little ones laughing!  I already can't wait until the next time I see this family-- the three little guys are changing and growing so quickly! Love you B. Family! xoxox

It seems like just yesterday that I saw this family for baby boy #3's newborn shoot.  How is it that he is already this big? 

How darling is this little hambone? Cheeks for daaaaaaaays! My favorite kind of baby! 

Have you ever seen three more darling little boys? This needs to be a glasses advertisement! So stylish and handsome! 

<3 Steph

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