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Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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Does the title of this post sound too negative to even *be* me? It does, doesn't it? I love my clients and I love being chosen by new clients to be their family photographer. That said, I have had this post rattling around in my head for about a month now and I think I am ready to explain what I mean when I say "Please don't hire me".

When you decide to capture your family's memories by booking a shoot with a photographer, you likely have a good idea of what kind of images you would like to grace the walls of your home. You have expectations and you are excited (and a little nervous, perhaps?) about how everyone will look, where the pictures will be taken, where you'll find those outfits... and about the photographer you hired?

No, you say! Of course not! You have carefully selected the photographer, right? You've poured over her images, been truly taken by what she sees when she works with a family, loved the locations she's chosen for her subjects... she's perfect for you and your family. You are, after all, hiring her for a very important job. You are asking her to capture a moment in time, a moment that becomes a memory the instant it happens... a moment that you will never have again. 

You're hiring a photographer to meet your expectations and you've done the research to know that she's the right one for the job.  

If you are here, you may be considering hiring me to be that photographer. Here are the three reasons I would suggest that you not hire me and I hope you will read to the end so that there is no confusion about what I mean. 

  • Please don't hire me to create an image you've seen someplace else - especially if it is the work of another photographer that is available for you to hire.

    This is a big one. They say "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery," but let's be real, it's not. It's unimaginative and often it's insulting. When you ask me to recreate another photographer's image - or ask a photographer to recreate one of my images - it is just not fair to anyone involved. You should be in love with the images that your photographer has already created and want images like those to be created during your session with her. 

    In the same vein, if you find that perfect photographer and she is not available to work with you, please don't hire me to shoot images like hers as an alternative to working with her. I don't want to try to recreate *her* images - I want to wow you with the images *I* can capture for you. 

  • Please don't hire me to take heavily posed shots. 

    Please don't hire me if you want shots of everyone perfectly posed and smiling directly at the camera-- I promise you, you will be disappointed. If that is what you want, please save yourself the time and investment by finding a photographer whose work reflects that style. I am simply not the photographer for you. I will lightly pose my subjects at the beginning of a set-up for the sake of composition, but after that I snap away while you look at and engage with your family. I don't want to capture the connection between subject and camera - I want to capture the connection and natural emotion between family members.

    Trust in me when you hire me that I am going to create great images and hire me for my creative eye... I am not just someone with a "really nice camera" that takes box-store, studio-style portraits outdoors. 

  • Please don't hire me if you haven't looked at my prices. 

    From the beginning, SKP has been a "legit" business and I take my job very seriously.  I have invested in education, equipment, a studio, location permits, business insurance and I work more hours than most folks would believe to make this work for my clients, myself, and my family. My prices reflect that investment and they are firm and non-negotiable. 

    If you see my price list and it doesn't fit your budget, you can definitely find another photographer who can accommodate what you are willing to invest in this ever-growing industry. 

So... did you make it? Are you still with me? Did you skip over everything above to see if there was a lighter side to this post? Of course there is!

Here are the reasons YOU SHOULD HIRE ME:

  • I am confident that I can capture images that showcase your family's personalities along with all the joy, the love, and the silliness. 
  • I can make a photography session a truly painless experience - even for those who don't believe it's possible (and yes, I mean dads). 
  • I strive for a sincere client/photographer relationship and create connections with the families I work with year after year. 

If you've seen my work and you love it; if you want to capture images of your family engaging with one another; if you have seen my pricelist and believe my work is worth the investment... by all means, hire me to be your photographer.

I guarantee that you won't regret it and I cannot wait to work with you!  If you would like to book a session with SKP, please click here.


                                                        <3 Steph


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Stephanie Kelley - Debbie- You are so sweet and so unbelievably supportive. Thank you so much! <3<3<3
Debbie - You are an amazing photographer. I agree with all your statements. Research if you must but you take the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! You can't put a price on it because the pictures are priceless.
Jess - yes yes yes. Couldn't agree more. So well said!!
stephanie - I 100% concur! What you provide is art - it isn't *just* a photo. There are plenty of places that will do that for you - for those that don't understand, never will. Keep doing what you do and I believe this is an excellent reminder to those with any doubts - they should peruse Websites and find the style they like and make sure the photographer is a fit - part of this relationship working requires full participation, respect and confidence as a client. For anyone who has hired you, this is an excellent example of why we rave about your work - staying true to yourself and your vision - photography vision and business vision - it's certainly most important and your level of expertise shines through from planning to the delivered results - never once will someone question their investment because there isn't a ball dropped through your entire process - no one feels like a number being pushed through. Much love and luck always! XO ~ Stephanie