Little Boy J.- McHenry County Baby Photographer
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Saturday, March 28, 2015
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This piece of sugar flew in from AZ to visit with family and mom booked a photo shoot to be done while they were in town.  If you can believe it, this handsome little guy had just recovered from RSV and still wasn't feeling 100%.  It's hard to tell looking at his sweet smiles. I loved all of the expressions he gave me--- such a character! I have my fingers and toes crossed they will be back in June for another visit with family and a shoot with SKP!

Little J. has such awesome smiles, as you can see it was tough for me to choose which smile was the best smile! 

He was serious about those blocks! I love natural wood blocks and teething rings

I took several shots of mom and her boy, but honestly, though no one is even looking that the camera, I think this one is my absolute favorite! 

Just stop it right now! Cuteness overload!!!

Little man was burning out on pictures at this point but, seriously, look at how adorable he is!!!! 

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures! 

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